Sanhedrin is known for our solid blacks
and dark black and tans
with the occasional longcoat.

is very important to us.

Home raised puppies
All breeding stock x-rayed

We have only one or two litters per year

Professional Handling and Grooming available

Please feel free to sign the guestbook on the home page.

We only keep a few dogs ourselves so as to keep it
a totally family atmosphere.
We love to go to the cottage with our extended family
and our whole lives are shared together.

Thus we do sell the good ones! 

Some we keep on Co-ownerships so as to keep our hands in the pot so to speak. We attend most shows regardless as we do love to go and watch the quality out there and to keep abreast of possible wonderful breedings. We keep involved with all our dogs whether we still own them outright or not and offer assistance with handling and training for all.

So happy viewing and please do not hesitate to call for any information you might need.