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Sanhedrin is known for our solid blacks
and dark black and tans
with the occasional longcoat.

is very important to us.

Home raised puppies
All breeding stock x-rayed

We have only one or two litters per year

Professional Handling and Grooming available

Some fun photos of our extended family
Please feel free to sign the guestbook on the home page.
Too cute for words!
A variety of colours!
Rest stop
No, I am a Schipperke pup,
NOT a bear cub!!
Best pals!
But we wanna go back in!
Kids! They're not even mine!!
But they are so cute.
Practice makes perfect.
Sharing is the best!!!
I'm up and ready, where is everyone??
Sittin' pretty.
Only room for me!
Ok, what's next?
One step at a time...
A break with the kids.
One handsome longcoat!
Hey, come back for us!!!
Yes, I AM the boss!!!
Friends....we Shepherds just draw them!
But mom, it's not that deep....
I see a raft for me!!
Black IS Beautiful!!
Dock Dog competitions, Here I come!!
Friends are friends, size doesn't matter!
And they say Shepherds don't like water!!
Guess who is to the right, IVY!!
So Schipperke's like water too!!
Ummmmm, Bud, I think your in the wrong room....