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I started in Schips after attending a German Shepherd Show in Ohio,
where Elmer Bray had a very friendly and beautiful Schip. She was walking side by side with a large German Shepherd. I knew then that this was the perfect small dog for me that could share our home and keep up with my German Shepherds.
She was pregnant and Elmer said he would send me a real nice one. Well, in June                                                     of 1996 I acquired "Ivy". What a clown, very                                                                        quiet and smart. She and my large male                                                                                  German Shepherd, "Willy", became the                                  best of friends.

                                                                    Ivy started her show career with US                                                                                  points and became Can. Ch. El-Bray's                                                                               Poison Ivy my constant companion,                                                                                  lover of children, the Queen of the                                                                                   castle,  even over my German                                             Shepherds.

                                                                    Ivy produced very well, usually having 5 pups in each litter. I am thankful to Joyce and Jack Bernhardt of Camplaren Schipperkes. Their friendship and guidance
certainly helped me to the right path.
They picked some of the nicest dogs to be the sire of her litters.

Ivy has two Champions and a Champion Grandson who is
Ch. Sanhedrin's Riddle Me This, "Ridley".
And  granddaughter Best in Show Ch. Mazeru's Spirit of Dini CGN.

Ivy is one of a kind, there will never be another like her.

The photo to the right is her daughter "Sabrina".


Sanhedrin is known for our solid blacks
and dark black and tans
with the occasional longcoat.

is very important to us.

Home raised puppies
All breeding stock x-rayed

We have only one or two litters per year

Professional Handling and Grooming available

Please feel free to sign the guestbook on the home page.
Ivy son
  Ivy grandson
Co-Owner/Breeder: Vic and Angela Piper
Brampton, Ontario

                                    Shalako's Born To Be Bad
                       BIS Ch. Shalako's Simply Simon CD HOF
                                    Ch. Shalako's Tea Rose
           Am. BIS Am/Can Ch. Shalako's Bartered at Barsu HOF
                                    Ch. Dream On's A Million To One
                       Ch. Barsu's A Chance Ina Million
                                    Ch. Barsu's Roberta Marie
Ch. Sanhedrin's Riddle Me This
                                    Am/Can. Ch. Logaven Wayland Highwayman CD
                       Am/Can. Ch. Camplaren's XXmas Cracker
                                    Am/Can. Ch. Foxnoir Image At Camplaren
           Ch. Sanhedrin's Paisley Piper
                                    Yogi's Midnight Shadow
                       Ch. El-Bray's Poison Ivy CGC TD
                                    Bugaboo's The Fat Lady Sings

                                   Am/Can. Ch. Camplaren's Noir Nugget (Can.)
                       Am/Can. Ch. Logaven Wayland Highwayman CD
                                    Ch. Logaven's Elegance In Ebony
           Am/Can. Ch. Camplaren's XXmas Cracker
                                    Am/Can. Ch. Foxnoir Spike Lee ROMX
                       Am/Can. Ch. Foxnoir Image At Camplaren
                                    Ch. Foxnoir Bijou O' Solitaire
Ch. Sanhedrin's Smok N Joe
                                    Deablo's Midnight Shadow
                       Yogi's Midnight Shadow
                                    Vixen's Midnight Shadow
          Ch. El-Bray's Poison Ivy CGC TD
                                    Ch. Bugaboo's Top Gun
                       Ch. Bugaboo's The Fat Lady Sings
                                    Miss Piggy II

                                         Am/Can Ch Majekin Nemessis De Sang bleu
                             Ch Marpeg’s A Credit To Behold
                                         Ch Marpeg’s Aint She Sweet
                  Ch Marpeg’s Walk of Life “Strider”
                                         Ch Marpeg’s Chivas Royal
                              Marpeg’s Royalty in Town
                                         Ch Marpeg’s Alexander Join Czar
Ch Jlynne’s Poison Berry Sanhedrin “Berry” HIC CGN
                                         Ch J-Vic’s Aminta Vinny Fox
                              Aminta’s Trigger
                                          Ch Aminta’s Black Ice
                   BIS Ch Mazeru’s Spirit of Dini “Spirit” CGN
                                           Am/Can Ch Camplaren’s XXmas Cracker
                              Sanhedrin’s Holy Smoke Ouimzie
                                           Ch. El-Bray’s Poison Ivy CGC TD

Berry is so much like Ivy, but with more 'get up and go', who listens and is very smart.

I smiled and was so pleased watching her do the Herding Instinct Test that she passed with flying colours.

She hangs out with the Shepherds thinking she is one.

Thank you to her breeder, Lynne Allen for letting me have this 'spitfire girl'.

  Tony and Berry sunning themselves.
Berry and Ridley plan a breeding for Summer 2015.

Please see the upcoming litters page
                         for more info. here to add text.
Berry has a planned repeat breeding with puppies due summer 2015.
See photos of last litter  here!